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As media and web designers, you find creative ways to get things done and get messages across on the internet—but as creatives, you face some unique risks that require unique coverage. Media and web design insurance can help protect you from some of those risks.
Creativity is subjective, leaving you open to risk.

Creativity underscores everything for media and web designers. You use your imagination and design skills to produce beautiful and effective logos, websites, graphics, and more to get your clients’ vision across. However, creativity is by default a subjective business. This means you and your client might not see eye to eye on your work. For this reason, including errors and omissions liability insurance (E&O) in your media and web design insurance coverage. It helps to protect your business in the event a client sues you because they feel the final product you presented isn’t up to their expectations. Also, it offers coverage for suits related to your own negligence, like missed production deadlines, broken links, and much more.

Content rules the internet.

Media and web designers produce content. You create graphics, logos, images, and even websites themselves, consistently producing and using content. Sometimes, especially when it comes to images, ownership can be hard to track down and you may end up using something that is already copyrighted. Or, the content you produce could result in a slander or libel suit against you. In order to protect yourself from losses associated with these situations, you’ll need general liability insurance as part of your media and web design insurance plan. Also, general liability insurance helps cover a range of other potential risks like damage to clients’ property and injuries to visitors of your business.

Cover vital equipment with media and web design insurance.

Your business uses computers, data, and media daily, so what happens if they get damaged? Your business could take a hit. Therefore, in order to protect yourself, consider adding electronic data processing insurance (EDP) to your insurance coverage. This may be sold as a separate policy or a part of your larger commercial property insurance. This coverage may also help protect computers and other hardware, data such as software and other programs, and electronic media. However, carriers vary in how they define and cover these various categories. As a result, you should ask questions about what is and isn’t covered by your policy. For example, check to see if your policy covers losses resulting from a virus or hack. EDP plans may also help your business with the loss of income resulting from computer, data, and media damage.

The business side of media and web design insurance.

Just like any other business, there are some general coverages you should consider as part of your media and web design insurance policy. Since you work heavily with computers and the internet, it could leave you vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Cyber liability insurance may help protect your business from losses resulting from a hack or data breach. If you operate your business outside of your home, commercial property insurance can help cover the building and most of its contents should they be damaged by a covered event. You can also obtain business owners insurance. This type of policy offers balanced coverage that combines the benefits of general liability insurance and commercial property insurance into one policy.

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