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Businesses of all types rely on office buildings for their day-to-day operations. As the owner of an office building, you have a responsibility for your building, as well as to the businesses that rent out office space on your property. Because of this, you should consider an office building insurance policy built to cover your property and the risks of being a landlord.
What does office building insurance cover?

The main features of an office building insurance policy include commercial property and general liability insurance. This means that not only does your building have protection from covered damages, but also from lawsuits related to injuries or damages that occur on your property. Additional coverages may be included. For instance, crime insurance may safeguard your building and cover costs associated with crimes like theft and arson. Here are some of the things that may be covered by your office building insurance policy:

  • Fire
  • Severe Weather
  • Theft
  • Personal Injury
  • Property Damage
Real-world risks associated with office buildings.

Because you own a building where multiple office spaces are rented out to different businesses, there are a variety of risks that can come into play. For example, if a fire caused by one of your tenants caused damage to your office building, your insurance may help cover the costs of repairs or replacement. And if that damage caused you to lose income if that office space was unusable during repairs, your coverage may recover lost income. Also, if someone was injured during the evacuation of the building, you could be held responsible for their injuries. Your general liability insurance would offer coverage for potential lawsuits.

Additional coverages to consider for your office building.

Not all office buildings are the same. The coverage you need can depend on everything from the location, type of building, and other liability exposures. That’s why it’s important to include additional coverage options to offer the right level of protection. Extras include coverage for signage, water and sewer backup, equipment breakdown, and crime insurance. The need for these can vary, but knowing what the most common types of coverage office buildings have is important.

The business side of ownership.

Whether you own just one building or multiple, you are still operating a business. And as with any type of business, you’ll need insurance to match. A business owners insurance policy (BOP) offers the basics by combining property and liability coverage. A commercial umbrella insurance policy adds an extra layer of protection should you surpass your payout limits. And with all of the businesses in your office building, cyber liability insurance is essential when it comes to protecting your business from the impact of a data breach.

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